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Autism Lens Writings

this is my diary page!! ill never put any explicitly triggering content in here but sometimes i may be sad and thats ok!
2022 Diary
time: 3:00 PM
mood: bummed
watching: dwight play ovw

Been a while. Finally got my site converted to the new theme. Working gradually to move things over. I've been rlly enjoying it lately. I have a spinal surgery in a month n a half. Health problems in an abusive house is draining. I have financial stability but still I am plagued by daily woes. Was in a nice group of people for a while and felt on top of the world but you know how people will believe any discourse from tiktok ever lolll. So I ended up just leaving cuz theres no point arguing with kids at my age with all I've got going on. My bday week was ok. Nobody got me a present and not a lot of ppl wished me a happy bday genuinely. But I guess thats cuz I dont have any friends or family. My weekend bday plans got cancelled so I guess I'll just get myself another gift. I'm too bummed to even edit my website or do much at all. I was having such a good week too which rlly bums me out tbh. Idk not much to say but that I'm working on updates, my health is shit, and im bummed out.