Hi! I'm Margie! Welcome to my site!

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welcome to my website!! its still a work in progress. if youd like to talk to me/befriend me or just let me know if somethings broken on here and whatnot you can use the chat feature below!! if youd like to be an email penpal with me my email is

i check it often!

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8/8/22 - New diary entry, updated my books, my tabletop game, music recs, and art

7/28/22 - New diary entry, updated front page, updated video recs, updated vehicle and weird shrines

7/11/22 - New diary entry and I put up my shrines for vehicles and weird designs :o)

7/1/22 - New diary entry thats all :o)

6/30/22 - Clearing the update box! Heres all the pages that are up: About, Diary, Scrapbook, My Art, Shrines: love; pokemon; neopets; godzilla; get better; ai art; keep eating;, Reviews, All Recs, and Links.

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