welcome to my site!!! I recently started revamping it so pardon our dust! this site is mostly a personal site but I also have a portion dedicated to reviews and articles from my autistic point of view! my journal is also here. its the Autism Lens portion of the site.

theres a portion of my site dedicated to reading and puzzles more as it improves memory and I have moderate memory problems. its the Book Cubby potion of the site.

i have a portion of my site dedicated to things that make me happy like pages about my comfort characters or shrines of my special interests. specifically im curating old disney franchise stuff and a more comprehensive disney fairies info hub. its the Comfort Corner portion of the site.

i am a hobbyist artist and have a project to make people little gardens based on their comfort chars. i also write books i have yet to publish and am working on a tabletop game. you can find that on my Art portion of the site.

i have a collections of recommendations for things like computer/browser games, roblox games, music, videos, asmr, etc. etc. its the Media Mania portion of the site.

and last but not least you can check out cool sites and resources on my Links portion of the site.

thanks for stopping by and feel free to sign my guestbook, join my discord, or email me below!

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5/7/23 - new diary page and entry

4/30/23 - beginning actual switch of layout. current pages ready are about, links, and half way through book cubby

2/15/23 - revamped main page, slowly adding new layout to whole site

Hi! I'm Margie! Welcome to my site!

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