my profile
Info: Identity: Likes:
-Margaret / Stevie
-Tree Kangaroos
-Fleece Blankets
-Weird designs
Collections: Hobbies: Media:
-Packaging /
-Nancy Drew /
Hardy Boys novels
-Disney merch
-Mcdonalds merch
-Old toys
-Pokemon cards
-Board Games
-My website
-Cozy games
-Gif making
-Pui Pui Molcar
Music: Games: Books:
-Ginger Root
-Still Woozy
-Caroline Polachek
-Game osts
-80s music
-Cozy muic
-Portal 2
-Neopets TDF
-Animal crossing
-Harvest Moon
-Beatrix Potter books
-Tove Jannson books
-Skunk and Badger
-Frog and Toad
-Cozy mysteries
-Disney Faeries
This is a comprehensive organized list of my special interests! It may seem like I have a lot but really they can mostly be grouped ino base interests. So thats what I'm doing. Yippee.
Fast food/Retail: Fantasy/RPG: Disney:
-General fast food
-General retail
-Vending machines
-Claw machines
-Animatronic attractions
-Happys Humble
Burger Farm
-Wrapping / Packaging
-Final Fantasy
-Harvest Moon
-Warrior cats
-Dragon age
-Disney parks
-Disney ads
-Disney tv
-Disney merch
-Nightmare before
-My Disney Kitchen
-Club penguin
Mystery/Puzzles: Food: Misc:
-Nancy Drew
-Hardy Boys
-The Stanley Parable
-General Puzzles
-Smile for me
-Powerpuff girls
-The grinch
-Comic strips
if youre a terf, swerf, radfem, homophobe, transphobe, intersexist, racist, anti semitic, dont support blm, support cops, ddlg and all variants, use the term little or lolita, proship, pedo/map, make jokes or genuinely call people daddy/mommy, consume or support vivziepop; mcyt/dsmp, south park; smiling friends, nft idot, anti neopronoun/xenogenders, ableist or stigmatize did; bpd; psychosis; autism, antivax, antimask, anti self dx, proana/proed, yanderecore, think allistics can use autistic terms and non intellectually disabled people can use the r slur, call people slow
pets, adoptables, etc!

i will name her juliette she loves u
I am a Togetic!
I am a Ninetales

See what Care Bear you are.
Which PPG are you?
You have a lot in common with dark faeries. You probably enjoy playing tricks on others and are most happy at night.

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