GA Dash Lessons It has amazing html/css lessons and shows you the results in real time. At the end (or if you click make your own website) you can see what your html would look like and build the website in real time too! I used it to build this site from scratch!
Receiptify Turn your most listened to spotify songs into a cool receipt.
Kidpix Use original kidpix in your browser!!!!!!!!!!
ps1's pixels A collection of pixels! very well organized!
Bonnibel's graphics! My favorite collection of graphics!!
Mspaint Use mspaint in your browser!!!
W3schools Amazing html lessons!! Helped me a lot!
Gifcities Super cool collection of old web gifs! Please be careful tho theres no way to filter out tasteless nsfw content
Neopets fun images The only good remaining part of neopets' current site. a collection of images and backgrounds and whatnot
Repths themes Premade themes for ur neocities site yayyyyy
Clipart library Free clipart archive
Kittystuff themes Themes for neocities and tumblr
Remove Background Make images transparent
Flag Maker You can make flags with this
Image Color Picker Pick colors from an image
88x31 Button Maker Make a button!
Webamp Player HTML Add a webamp player to your site with custom skins
Mazeguy Smilies wow its all the smilies!
Woolblossom My favorite artist of all time!!! Check their patreon too!
Shelby Degarmo Absolutely amazing artist. The way they do colors is amazing.
Arcade!! One of my good friends that is my favorite artist even before we were friends! They do 3D and plushes and its amazing.
Lowpolyparrot An amazing 3d artist I have their site linked above but they post more on their tumblr.
Bluwiikoon Amazing artist!! Renowned nosepass lover!
meaniescomic On hiatus I think but pretty much the best representation of neurodivergent art and interperetation and I love green meanie so much id die for them
Kosperry They make the most amazing animations that are like old 2d disney movies just click it please
itslilyillustrates Amazingly inspiring artist!! creator of the picrew I have as my avvie in my sidebar!!
Pankekie Amazing artist with an amazing style
Litchisoap Really inspirational artist to me and they have a nice etsy shop
Content creators!
Brutalmoose Amazing creator with a large vintage aesthetic!! I watch him the most and would recommend his Mystery tapeseries or his streams of Nancy Drew on his side channel! Also an lgbt creator
Plumbella Absolutely AMAAAZING creator! Mostly sims content and i love her for that! An lgbt and autistic creator
John Wolfe John makes a lot of horror content and I find his play style and commentary relaxing compared to other horror players. I'd recommend his funny old goosebump stories and his random horror game series! He also has a side channel for dbd and a reaction one too
Snapcube Funniest woman alive period. I would recommend her smile for me playthrough and of course the classic sonic dubs! An lgbt creator
Mcelroys The funny family. I really consume all of their content but my favorite is probably Justin's Empty Bowl podcast.
Bign0sebug Amazing vtuber with the cutest design and coolest content BIG FAVORITE!! Lgbt creator
Spookyloopz Primarily dbd streamer who is very light hearted and funny! An lgbt creator
MeeMawTheGeekyGranny Very cute and cool variety streamer! Everyones granny!
Shirley Curry You will watch my grandma play skyrim do you understand me
MissJackieCR Amazing variety vtuber!! I love the atmosphere its cozy. Lgbt creator
ProZD The voice actor ever. His ranking and trying food series are very good!
DancingBacons I watch them religiously and dedicatedly. Just food videos but i love them.
Jerma....... theres something wrong with this guy and clicking will not lead you to his channel but instead to my favorite stream ever
Hollow_tones Super cool and funny streamer and she plays the infamous Dr. Coomer. An lgbt creator
Hibbysloth Sloth vtuber whos art is absolutely amazing
Softjules Very cool and nice vtuber!! Good energy and an lgbt creator
Puffpossum Literally the cutest vtuber design ever and really fun and an lgbt creator
Barrett_ok A good friend with the MOST welcoming and awesome weekly streams. An lgbt creator
WayneradioTV Funniest mf on the entire internet imo
Sinowbeats Plays dbd and other fun stuff really nice and cool atmosphere watch his americas next top model streams. An lgbt creator
Cool stuff!!
My 90s tv Watch shows and cartoons from the 90s!
404pagefound A collection of old websites that are still up!
Marginalia Search A search engine designed specifically to not show you commercialized content! Its really cool!
Flying my colors Just a very very cute carebears site!!
Useless web Just a website to take u to a very random website
Put it on a pedestal make your own gif museum i love this so much i play with it a lot
Jellyneo The best neopets fansite imo it has so much and I love it
Dress to impress Promise this is the last neopets one lol! But it lets you dress up any kind of neopet! Not flash so it still works!!
Uesp Bestiary List of creachures from elder scrolls games :o) I use this a lot for my tes blog
ESO Fashion List of non combat pets from eso!!! I stare at this a lot and also use it for my blog
Cat Therapy Cat pictures and a cute game to cheer you up!
Interactive Buddy play with him be nice to him i love him
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