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this is my mental health and chronic disorders shrine! i have no stigma here only things that can help people who might need it. If you would like resources to do with health and eating go back and click my keep eating shrine!

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if you would like clearer copies/pdfs please dont hesitate to email me I am here for you. you can however open these images in a new tab and they should be a good resolution.

These can be so helpful for panic attacks and delusions and have even helped with my ocd. Just go through them earnestly and it can help to have a loved one ask you the questions out loud.

These are excellent for ptsd and anything that can effect your self esteem. Work through these stuck points with your therapist however it works for you. I personally did open ended affirmations as saying "i am great!" is not as effective as every day telling yourself "every day I will try more and more to see I don't exist for others."

Grounding can be useful for so many different disorders and symptoms and these are great recommendations.

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