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me (right) and my spouse (left) on my birthday this yr Snowman I made this yr me (right) and my spouse (left) me on my birthday couple years ago at the bookstore with cats playing with my favorite one it was my best birthday thank you dwight
My cats
Ralph stickin his legs out Peaches enjoying my comfy walker Peaches in her christmas present Captain Crunch laying on his dad Ralph and dad taking a selfie Captain Crunch Crunch lounging Crunch snoozing Raymond in his natural loaf Raymonds old man face Ralph and Raymond cuddling Peaches sunbathing Ralph cuddling Nacho The boys The boys 2.0 Raymond blepping Ralph sleepy mode Ralphs big belly
Our daffodils crossbreeded this year to a beautiful newly sprouted white and yellow mixed!! Absolutely huge dog I spotted earlier this year he literally was so big he was in the front and back seat!! Obsessed with this little target exclusive starbucks cakepop My present from my spouse this yr!! He functions perfect and I call him spinach! From my mickey waffle maker I got for the holidays! Another shot of the snowman I made